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Poultry World launched a poultry health tool. It is a rather general introductory entry to main poultry health issues. The tool was created with the assistance of Dr Joseph J. Giambrone, Professor at the Poultry Science Department, Auburn University, USA Maarten de Gussem, veterinary expert, DMV, VetWorks.

The tool lists 66 diseases, organized in four categories: Skin and skeleton, Nervous system, Digestive system and Respiratory system. Unfortunately, the category ‘Skin and skeleton’ is lacking an entry on feather pecking. For this, it is better to visit the Henhub site.

From beak to tail – Meeting announcement

From beak to tail – mechanisms underlying damaging behaviour in laying hens and pigs

First Announcement
ISAE 2017 Satellite Meeting
Monday 7th August 2017,
University of Aarhus, Denmark

A one-day meeting, organized jointly by the FareWellDock – Network and the GroupHouseNet COST-action aims to bring together researchers working within the field of damaging behaviour in both pigs and poultry. By joining efforts on an interspecies level, we have the opportunity to greatly enhance the understanding of the mechanisms underlying tail biting and feather pecking. Both behaviours are challenging, from an animal welfare and from an economic point-of-view, while in several countries, as well as at the EU level, the ethical justification of tail docking and beak trimming is currently being debated.

This full-day meeting will be held at the ISAE 2017 congress venue on August 7th, 2017, starting at 9am.

The meeting will focus on the following main themes:

– Mechanisms underlying the link between health and damaging behaviour

– Predisposing factors for damaging behaviour during early development

Both themes will be introduced by invited experts, followed by short research presentations by participants, and then elaborated on in inter-species discussion groups.

In addition, the program will include a networking session, with the aim to facilitate knowledge exchange and future cooperation between researchers working on damaging behaviour in pigs and poultry.

The registration for the meeting will open by the end of February 2017, and will be open until May 15th, 2017. The meeting participation is limited to 80 persons, so make sure to register in time!

For further information, please contact anna . valros [AT] helsinki . fi.

From Beat to Tail – Homepage



New link to Poultry diseases web site

Good health is important to prevent feather pecking (see our henhub page). To find out more about poultry health this website may be of use:

This resource on poultry diseases is authored and updated by Dr. Nati Elkin, a poultry diseases specialist.

The website contains an atlas of pathology which provides images and text that demonstrate gross pathological findings associated with poultry disease conditions. Publications include full-text articles on poultry diseases (authored by international experts), a comprehensive archive of news updated daily, a calendar of international events, and much more.

Hennovelties newsletter

Hennovelties is the bi-annual newsletter of the Hennovation project. The Henhub website is part of this project. The Hennovelties newsletter will keep you up to date about project progress and results, upcoming events and links to other research and projects. Please contact Paula Baker at p.e.baker(at) to subscribe to the newletter. You can view previous Hennovelties newletters here.


32nd Poultry Science Symposium UK

WSPA UK’s 32nd Poultry Science Symposium will take place on July 3 to 5, 2017 in Cambridge, UK. The theme is “Poultry feathers and skin – the past, present and future of poultry integument”.

The scientific committee has put together a program that will capture the aspects of biology, genetics, welfare, nutrition and other management aspects related to poultry feathers and skin looking both to the past and the future.

For more information see the website.

32nd Poultry Science Symposium