Hennovation results: Alpacas, trolleys and pecking blocks

Hennovation partner Thea van Niekerk reported on a couple of interesting project results in Resource (article in Dutch):

Alpacas may protect free-range laying hens from birds of prey.

A custom-made trolley can substantially improve the welfare of spent laying hens.

Pecking blocks were tested in the Netherlands (cementblocks used for construction appeared best; see flyer).

Poultry Transport video released!

Poultry Transport video released!
made by Animal Transport Guides project

The practical video on how to best transport poultry, based on the guide to Good Practise ( click here)  for the transport of poultry and three dedicated Fact Sheets, is now available. This video provides practical advise to ensure that birds transported remain in good welfare, and is available with translated subtitles in 8 languages.

English video
French video



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